Welcome to Orems Elementary

Orems Elementary School is a comprehensive elementary school serving approximately 360 children, grades Prekindergarten through 5.  Special Education programs are delivered through inclusion, resource, and PreK and K Early Childhood Learning Support classes.  Gifted and Talented Programs are available to qualified third, fourth and fifth grade students in Reading and Math.

SCHOOL GOALS: The Orems’ staff, parents, PTA, and community work cooperatively to create a safe, nurturing, active and challenging learning environment for all students.  At Orems, we are committed to increasing student achievement by maximizing student potential using all available resources.  Our students are being prepared to be critical thinkers and creative problem solvers, ready to contribute to a rapidly changing technological society.  In addition, we are committed to helping our students develop into lifelong learners and responsible, caring citizens of the world community.

COMMUNITY: Orems Elementary School is located in the Northeastern section of Baltimore County known as the Middle River-Essex area.  The community is a stable one with rich historical traditions.

  September 2014  
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